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problems after 2010-07-13 server update **RESOLVED**

PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:49 am
by rmeden
On 7/13 Tribune updated the software on their servers to resolve a number of issues and improve performance.

Unfortunately, The upgrade broke some things as well. I'll use this topic to document known status. If you have another issue, please post to our support forum. If it's related to the outage I'll update this topic.

505 HTTP Version not supported **RESOLVED**
Troubleshooting HERE
Some versions of Media Portal and GB-PVR get this error while downloading data. It is believed to be caused by HTTP POST packet fragmentation and HTTP Pipelining.

Unable to change username **resolved**
The change username function has been disabled as it generates a duplicate email error. If you must change your username (or email, if you use an email based username) contact us via email to resolve.

7/23: resolved. This turned out to be the 505 problem with a poorly worded error message.

Unable to add/remove lineup **RESOLVED**
Troubleshooting HERE
There have been reports of people unable to add or remove lineups. This was caused by duplicate lineups being
added to your account when it was migrated to a new database. Tribune is working on a mass fix for this. We'll be getting the affected usernames and will email folks.

08/05: **RESOLVED** Patch has been applied

Bad start time **RESOLVED**
This was experienced by some folks using an old Zap2IT labs download script and fixed by using a more modern download example. HERE

shows included that end at the <starttime> **RESOLVED**
Tribune is working on this.

bad XML & not being escaped in Genres **RESOLVED**
Tribune is working on this.


Re: problems after 2010-07-13 server update **RESOLVED**

PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:36 pm
by rmeden
Earlier this morning Tribune rolled out another set of fixes to production.

These fixes included code to deal with duplicate lineups (which prevented lineup editing), and XML formatting problems (& not escaping)

This evening a problem occurred where changes to accounts on the Tribune server (lineup, expiration, etc) were not being reflected by a subsequent read. We suspect this is a load problem slowing down updates to all database copies during heavy load. Tribune is working on a fix.

In the mean time, I've added back the "wait a bit before making another change" message to the web app.