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Major Service Changes coming to Schedules Direct

PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 5:36 pm
by rmeden
Greetings SD members.

Schedules Direct has been operating since 2007 to provide a stable environment for non-commercial media applications to receive TV listings data, but that does not mean things never change! :)

We have been informed that Gracenote (formerly Tribune Media Services) will be ending the guide data service currently used by most users of Schedules Direct. Their plan is to end support for this service on November 1, 2014.

Thankfully there is no need to panic, as Schedules Direct was already hard at work implementing a more modern JSON-based service using newer/better data feeds from TMS. This service offers the following improvements:

  • More efficient "differential" transfer method. You only download the data that changes. Mid-day updates are fast and efficient.
  • The ability to combine multiple source feeds into one output product.
  • Lineups contain information about when they were last changed, so your application can always have the correct map of channels and stationID.
  • Additional data fields, including:
    • "season/episode" numbering!
    • Images for cast, episodes
    • Recommendations for other programs that are similar to the one that you're watching.
    • NFL Sunday Ticket Details!!!!
  • Completely custom lineups, including "Free to Air” Satellite
  • ability to share QAM tuning info
  • Additional International Lineups
This service is up and running now, and grabbers are available for MythTV and SageTV. We also encourage others to develop grabbers for their own applications.

In addition to the JSON service, a separate service is being developed to mimic the DataDirect feed. It's not ready yet but should be able to provide basic functionality for those legacy applications that can't move to JSON. It is expected to have most, but not all of the data currently in the Data Direct feed and will be updated daily. More details will be available about this later.

In the past, folks have asked for the "announcement" forum to be used only for annoucements. I've set up a general discussion thread for discussion

Robert Eden
President, Schedules Direct

Re: Major Service Changes coming to Schedules Direct

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:51 am
by rmeden
I've started a thread about testing the Data Direct drop-in replacement.