Collecting QAM data to supplement listing data - extract

Collecting QAM data to supplement listing data - extract

Postby rkulagow » Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:16 am

This isn't the same thing as the perl QAM scanner I posted about last week.

I've created a perl QAM extractor which reads MythTV's mythconverg database and creates an output file containing frequencies, call signs and XMLIDs, allowing users to submit their QAM information to Schedules Direct. This will allow users that have already run something like scte65 or performed a manual correlation of frequencies and XMLIDs to share that information with other users in that particular headend.

Tribune's systems (the source of the data for Schedules Direct) are not programmed to support QAM because the cable companies don't want to distribute QAM data, so Tribune isn't going to do the R&D to
support QAM if there's no "market" for it. Since the cable companies are the ones that would need to request the requirement, (and they're not), Tribune isn’t going to implement something which won’t be used, and which the cable companies won’t supply data for in the first place. We've asked Tribune, and for whatever reason, the cable companies seem to consider QAM tuning information as proprietary.

Schedules Direct will manage the submission of QAM information files and make them available to other users in the same headend.

When the extract is complete the result will be a {lineupid}.qam.conf file containing information from mythconverg. Please send the file to

So, if you're reasonably proficient, and have a working MythTV system with valid QAM information, please go to

and download the script.

Running the script will do this:
Code: Select all
$ ./
This system has the following sources:
Sourceid         Name
1                Comcast Cablecard

Done. Did not find any QAM frequency information in this source!
IL57303:X.qam.conf file may be invalid.

or hopefully, this:
Code: Select all
This system has the following sources:
Sourceid         Name
1                QAM
5                DTA
3                DigitalCable
Select sourceid: 1

Done. Please send PC:60030.qam.conf file to

The source code should be pretty self-documenting. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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