Using stillRunning sports API fails for current status

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Using stillRunning sports API fails for current status

Postby skiingwiz » Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:16 pm

I'm testing out the in-progress-for-sporting-events using the SageTV grabber and I'm getting a strange result. Future events work as expected, returning FUTURE_PROGRAM, but current events are returning INVALID_PROGRAMID. I've only tested NHL and NBA, since that's all that's really on now, but the results are the same regardless of which I use.

What I see for the future events is a response like this:
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{code=6002, message='The programID you requested has not occurred yet, so isComplete status is unknown.', programID='SP003471650000', response='FUTURE_PROGRAM', isComplete=false, serverID='20141201.web.3', datetime='2017-03-09T02:35:25Z', result=null}

But for a current event it looks like this:
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{code=6000, message='Could not find requested programID.', programID='SP003471620000', response='INVALID_PROGRAMID', isComplete=false, serverID='Test1', datetime='2017-03-09T02:34:39Z', result=null}

The thing that looks odd to me there is the serverID. When I query for the current event, the serverID is "Test1", for the future event, it's "20141201.web.3".

Is anyone else using this successfully?
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