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nPVR lineup

Postby soyrunner » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:22 pm

Last year I suppose it was I started to have problems loading the schedule from SD. I went to XMLTV but continued to subscribe to SD. I use both TIVO and nPVR. Today I found that an entire season of Corporate in my nPVR recordings has another channel, not Comedy Central. I can go to my silicondust channel 765 and watch Comedy Central but in nPVR I get the next channel which is OWN. I tried to go back to SD instead of XMLTV but nPVR tells me it can't log in. Another post from years ago had the identical problem. He didn't seem to get it fixed. I am using XP on this machine. As per what was told the other guy, I tried ... /mfdb-json in my browser and got the page.

When I go to nPVR setting->channels->channel 765 and mash the details button, I try to change my EPG source from XMLTV to Schedules Direct, that gets shown in the box then I change the focus to Lineup: which says at that point No Lineup Selected. With that in focus I can click and see a ...manage lineup, but choosing that gets an Unable to communicate with Schedules Direct. I try the browse button and get the same.

What can I do to get this working. Can I download a schedulesdirect.xml page to my drive and load from that?


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